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Automate your company workflows is a software solution for online workflow management and business process management (BPM).

Analyze and improve employee performance through workflows, task and time management, escalations and alerts.
Automate your company's internal procedures using the built-in workflow processes and internal company policies.
Enforce company policies through electronic forms, checklists, questionnaires, audit trails, escalations and alerts.

Improve employee efficiency

Locate work bottlenecks

Reduce costs

Do more work with less employees, reduce wasted time, rework and manual tasks.

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Assign Tasks

task amagement

Automate Business Processes

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Analyze Employee Performace

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A Complete Online Solution for Company Workflow Management

deadline management

Deadline Management

Deadlines provide an incentive for being productive, efficient, and enables effective management of time limits.
The deadline manager enables managers to set employee deadlines, ensures employees are on time, and focuses them on company targets.

Automated Workflows

Run internal company workflows using automated electronic forms. Automating workflows improves productivity by removing a large number of tasks from the daily workload. Workflows can be set up to automatically route forms through an approval cycle.

automated workflow
task management

Company Task Management

A complete online solution for company workflow management that improves employee efficiency, enforces company policies, and reduces business risk. The online task manager enables managers to set employee targets and deadlines, create employee tasks, automate internal workflows, locate work bottlenecks, and ensures tasks get done properly and on time.

Employee Performance Analysis

The analysis engine provides actionable recommendations based on trends, patterns, relations and correlations in the task and time records.
Together these enable managers to predict future employee behavior and lay a foundation for improving employee performance.

task analysis

Online Workflow System



Task Analysis

Task Analysis

Drilldown Analysis

Drilldown Analysis

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis


Build an OrgChart

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis


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