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Can employees be as loyal as football fans?
The mentality of the football supporter is very tribal, and it's not reflected in any other walk of life even in most other sports. The connection between a family and club is unbreakable, unless of course you only watch it to follow those who win all the time! Read More >>

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If companies were run like football teams
Footballers carry in their lives the ability to dictate the emotions of an entire city. With one good kick of the ball, lives can change - literally. Read More >>

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What businesses can learn from football strategies
Football offers one of the best examples out there for how ambition and change can be successful if you are ambitious and want to leave a long-term imprint on your business and the entire niche you operate in. Read More >>

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What the best football team can teach a company about management
When you use football as your example and look beyond the token examples you could be given to use of where the game has gone wrong, Atletico Madrid are the example of how teamwork and a philosophy can change the entire outlook of everything in your field. Read More >>

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Scorched Earth Policy
The Scorched earth policy is rarely used in modern warfare, especially by those beholden to the Geneva Convention and Article 54, but under certain circumstances it will be called on. Read More >>

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Zero Tolerance Policy
Zero Tolerance Policy describes a policy by which any violation of a rule, even in those instances where the violation is accidental or caused by circumstances beyond the control of the guilty party, is punished equally without regard for those circumstances. Read More >>

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Good Neighbor Policy
The Good Neighbor policy was enacted with the hope that it would serve to heal the rift caused by armed interventions in Haiti and Nicaragua. In 1928, at the time of the Pan-American conference that was held in Havana. Read More >>

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Contractionary Fiscal Policy
The contractionary fiscal policy is characterized by reduced governmental spending, increasing taxes, and generally taking steps to reduce the amount of money available to the population. Read More >>

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The Secret of Audit Trails
Audit trails in company processes are an accurate documented history of security issues, user histories, financial transactions or communications in a company. Read More >>

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Getting off the paper trail
Getting off the paper trail is not always immediate and takes an effort at first, but once you are on the digital track, you are ready to go for all future transactions. Read More >>

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Policy Governance
Policy Governance concerns all tiers of an organization or business, from the CEO or Director, the Board of Directors, managers and lower-tiered staff. Read More >>

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The Secret of Org Charts
Org charts represent an organization's hierarchy and work relationships and help managers understand why there is lack of responsibility for decisions, bad communication, poor employee interaction. Read More >>

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The secret of flow charts
Flow chart is a diagram that primarily represents algorithm, workflow, or even different types of processes. This is a diagram having boxes as a representation of its step by step process that which are connected by arrows. Read More >>

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Work ethic stereotypes around the USA
Every city has a very different view of what it means to have 'a good work ethic', and you'll even find that sometimes different work ethics conflict. Read More >>

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Should dogs be allowed in the Workplace?
The idea of allowing your employees to bring their pets to work may seem just plain ludicrous. But there are some fantastic arguments to be made for bringing pets to work, proving sometimes it's ok to let the workplace go to the dogs! Read More >>

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Best Priority Quotes
A collection of the best priority quotes.

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Another word for task
"When you think of what the term "task" actually means, you can wrap yourself up in a wide variety of different conclusions. Every business looks at a task differently. Read More >>


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